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    Rizhao Lanxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established in June, 1998. Located in Hushan Chemical Industrial Park, Lanshan district of Rizhao City in Shandong province, we now are a specialized manufacturer of propylene chloropropene, γ-chloropropyltrichlorosilane, γ-chloropropyltriethoxysilane, γ-chloropropyltrimethoxysilane, Isobutyltriethoxysilane,  Si-69, Si-75 and methyl Si-75, etc. As a hi-tech enterprise of Shandong province (approved by Science Bureau of Shandong province in 2000), we have obtained a number of honors by now: our products were awarded the First Prize of Rizhao City for Technical advancement and Second Prize of Shandong province for Technical advancement, and became the projects of National Torch Program in 2001. Moreover, we establish closely cooperative relationships with  Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, technology exchange and staff training; we founded Postdoctoral collaborative workstation under the supports of Qingdao University of Science and Technology; approved by Science Bureau of Shandong province in 2006, we founded Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province for Silane Coupling Agent. In addition, we lay great stresses on the cooperation with other companies and enterprises in this industry:  we founded a Joint-venture  with EVONIK INDUSTRIAL (Fortune 500) in 2005----Evonik Lanxing (Rizhao) Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. With a total investment of CNY 150 million, Evonik Lanxing (Rizhao) Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd yearly can produce CNY 300 million of products, which are well sold in Southeast Asia, EU and USA, etc.
    To extend the whole industrial chain of silicone, we began a 10,000t/a of silane coupling agent project in Lanshan Chemical Park since 2012; built by leading and creative technologies, this project can save energy and reduce discharges, and then meet the requirements of low-carbon and environment. With a total investment of CNY 350 million, this project will be able to produce CNY 1.5 billion of products during the period of "12th Five-Year Plan" of China. According to our plans, we are going to be a Public Company in the later period of "12th Five-Year Plan" of China. Now, this project is sponsored by the "Special Funds of China for Strategic Emerging Industry".
    Abiding by such idea of "being market-oriented, talent-fundamental and technology-driven, to get further development by excellent quality", we are going to develop new technologies, manufacturing methods and products for improving the core competence constantly. Now, we are working hard to make Lanxing a world-leading  research, development and manufacturing base of silicone products! 


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